Icey’s Second Giveaway!

LifeAsIceyIt is having her second blog giveaway. So you wanna Hana?? Go to Icey’s blog and find out how to enter for a chance to get a Misikko Hana Pink Flat Iron.

Enter on her blog:

Misikko’s website also offers an abundance of other great hair prep options! –>

Love of Makeup’s Spring Giveaway

The Love of Makeup Blog is giving one lucky follower a Tarte treat after April 1! The rpize has not been picked yet…but you can make suggestions when you enter.

Go ahead, check out the blog and enter!

Evening Lavendar’s 3rd Giveaway

Lavendar is having her 3rd giveaway on her blog. It is full of awesome goodies for gals all over the world! So check out her blog (full of beauty reviews!) and enter by March 31, malaysian time.

Enter :

BeautyBow’s Np set giveaway

Beauty Bow is doing another giveaway because she reached 100 followers on her blog. YAYY!

To enter, go to her post on her Beauty Bow blog:

Crystal’s 200 Follower Giveaway!

Crystal of the beauty blog, MakeupByCrystalS, is celebrating her 200th follower! Congratulations, Crystal!

She is giving 2 lucky followers a great gift. Please enter at by March 25th

A Doll of a Giveaway!

Kimberdoll is having her very first giveaway! Congratulations to her :)
She is currently at ~184 followers on Google Friends but hopefully she will have a ton more by March 21st, when this great contest ends!

I would say there are a handful of good beauty blogs out there Kimberdoll’s is really cute, complete with Hello Kitty designs and pink motifs. You should check out her site for beauty info and tips (she’s very pretty so yes, I would listen to her). Besides beauty reviews and “look” previews, she also reviews personal and couture/runway fashion. That’s a pretty complete package (wrapped in a glittery pink ribbon)!

So to start, I would go to Kimberdoll’s site and enter by March 21st:

Blessings Abound Mommy Wants you to Win Misikko!

One of the reasons to love Missiko is their great flatirons (not that it’s the only reason). They have a variety of flatirons, from classic and practical to snazzy and totally stylish but they all are good because Missiko has designed them with a lot of temperature and practical controls.

If I were you, I’d hop on over to The Blessings Abound Mommy and enter the new contest to win a Corioliss model flatiron from Missiko. It looks great!

Enter here before March 12th:


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